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Re: [Condor-users] autoclusterattrs (fwd)

But I asked the larger question about autoclustering because
I observed two condor pools, one in which the autoclusterattr
of all the outbound grid jobs were the same, and
one where all the outbound grid jobs had no autoclusterattr
field at all.

They were both running condor 6.8.3 andd I didn't make
any changes to autoclusterattrs on either machines.

Were you looking at one of the pools with Quill?
Yup---that is the difference.  condor_q -direct schedd
shows the autocluster attributes whereas quill-directed
condor_q does not.  And again the autocluster attributes
are all the same.

So the 2nd part of my question, does the autoclustering all
being the same make a difference?  IMO these jobs are different
and should be negotiated indepenently.  And all info
on autoclustering seems to have disappeared from the condor manual.

Steve Timm

Some of the autocluster
attribute of a job exist only in the schedd's memory, and autoclusterattr
may be one of them (that sentence is a bit confusing, because I'm using
"autocluster" and "attributes" twice - the job classad has attributes,
and one of the attributes is "autoclusterattrs", which is a list of
attributes used in autoclustering)

Those attributes are not stored on disk, since they're just internal to
the schedd and recomputed as needed. Since they're not stored on disk,
they never appear in job_queue.log, so Quill never reads them.

That's just freaky.
condor_q should give you the same info whether quill has been
involved or not.

You could confirm this with a
condor_q -l cluster.proc -direct schedd |sort >job.schedd
condor_q -l cluster.proc -direct rdbms |sort >job.rdbms
comm -3 job.schedd job.rdbms

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