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Re: [Condor-users] condor turned off by default?


Sorry for the belated reply. I trimmed my daemon list to remove STARTD, so then when I run condor_on -startd, I get:

  Sent "Spawn-Daemon" command for "startd" to local master

...as expected.  However, the local MasterLog shows:

3/6 17:27:14 DaemonCore: Command received via TCP from host <> 3/6 17:27:14 DaemonCore: received command 469 (DAEMON_ON), calling handler (admin_command_handler)
  3/6 17:27:14 Error: Can't find daemon of type "STARTD"

...and I see no condor_startd pop up in the process list.

Is there another way to tell condor to keep startd turned off by default, with the option to turn it on later?



Ian Chesal wrote:
Is there a way to have condor start up with particular daemons turned off by default? I want the condor_master running (i.e. I want /etc/init.d/condor start to run), but I want startd to not turn on
someone manually types "condor_on".

Set DAEMON_LIST in your machine's local configuration file to:

DAEMON_LIST = master

To start it up as an execute node you'll to tell condor_on what daemon
you want to turn on (because with the above setting condor is "on"). So:

condor_on -startd

On the machine would tell Condor to start up the startd daemon and start
running jobs on this machine.

- Ian

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