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[Condor-users] How to install Condor in an Oscar Cluster?

Hi all,

I have submitted this mail for quite a long time but it seems that no one
has read it. Now I mailed it again hoping for some response.

We have a cluster (using Oscar) of 5 machines in our lab, 1 is the master
node and the rest are slaves. The 4 slaves are connected to the master via
a switch in a star topology. All the slaves have their own local memory
but the hard disk (the /home partition of all the machines) is located
only on the master and is shared to all the machines in the cluster. (By
the way, Oscar uses PBS)

How can I possibly install and configure Condor in this kind of setup? I
wanted to use Condor because I'm at ease using it than PBS. Or is there a
way to connect the master node to an outside condor pool then configure
the master to run jobs under its cluster (the Oscar cluster) using PBS?

(I tried to install Condor on all machines before, but I faced the problem
on local directory, because the local directories of all machines are
found only on the master and I get confused on which Condor installation I
have to use because all the installations appear on all machines!)

Looking forward for your response,