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Re: [Condor-users] How to install Condor in an Oscar Cluster?

Hello guys,

It's been more than a month now, still no one answered my question yet.
The cluster I'm talking below is kind of a Beowulf cluster and I want this
cluster to use Condor. Is it possible or not?

I have a Condor pool set-up outside the Beowulf cluster, only the master
node of the Beowulf cluster can communicate the Condor pool. And I want
the Beowulf cluster to be included in the Condor pool. Is this possible?

> Hi all,
> I have submitted this mail for quite a long time but it seems that no one
> has read it. Now I mailed it again hoping for some response.
> We have a cluster (using Oscar) of 5 machines in our lab, 1 is the master
> node and the rest are slaves. The 4 slaves are connected to the master via
> a switch in a star topology. All the slaves have their own local memory
> but the hard disk (the /home partition of all the machines) is located
> only on the master and is shared to all the machines in the cluster. (By
> the way, Oscar uses PBS)
> How can I possibly install and configure Condor in this kind of setup? I
> wanted to use Condor because I'm at ease using it than PBS. Or is there a
> way to connect the master node to an outside condor pool then configure
> the master to run jobs under its cluster (the Oscar cluster) using PBS?
> (I tried to install Condor on all machines before, but I faced the problem
> on local directory, because the local directories of all machines are
> found only on the master and I get confused on which Condor installation I
> have to use because all the installations appear on all machines!)
> Looking forward for your response,
> Cheers,
> Leo