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Re: [Condor-users] Using Dagman

I ran into same thing.  Evidently this is a difference in behaviour
between condor_submit and condor_submit_dag.  

My workaround was to invoke 'condor_resched -all' immediately following

also reference
which talks about possibly changing configuration to reduce the 5 minute
delay (300 seconds).

good luck
andrew pleat

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Hi all,

I have written jobs using Dagman and submitted them succesfully, but one
thing I can not figure out is that the dagman job stayed for 5 minutes
or so then executes the first node job. I tried the examples (the
diamond.dag), still the first node job is executed after 5 minutes when
I fire the condor_submit_dag command. Can anyone explain what the Dag is
doing in the first 5 minutes? Is it purely due to communication traffic?

And also, is there a way that I can reduce this time...I wanted that
when I fire the condor_submit_dag command, the first node job will
automatically be executed. I am not using Pre scripts yet.



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