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[Condor-users] how to schedule jobs automatically?


We are done with the globus installation, globus-job-submit also working fine.

Now we have installed the condor scheduler (condor 6.8.3) according to the installation guide given.
Starting up the Condor daemons  -- is also working fine....

In the job description file "myjob.submit", we hav changed the variable

universe  = globus
globusscheduler= p125.grid.com/jobmanager   (condor manager on this machine)

This is also working fine ....the job is getting executed.

What configurations do i need to change so that the condor scheduler would shcedule the job on its own , by finding the idle resource on the grid, without need to specify the globus scheduler (i.e.  .a particular host).

Thanks in advance

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