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Re: [Condor-users] condor_master problem

I'm still having the same problem - condor_master just doesn't start automatically after boot. Dose anybody know anything about it? Thanks in advance for your help.


Santanu Das wrote:
Hi all,

We have a ~150 CPU condor cluster; most of them are dual core Xeon and few of them are with single core Xeon. Recently I upgraded to condor-6.8.4 and since then I see a problem, mostly on the all dual core nodes. I start condor from the "rc.local" and the problem I see now Condor is not starting automatically on boot, in spite of having "condor_master" in the rc.local file. If I run condor_master by hand from the console, condor starts and every thing goes fine after that. For some reason, I run condor here as a different user (*NOT* as default "condor" user), but don't think that's the problem. CONDOR_IDS is correct in the local config file. There are no such significant difference (from the configuration point of view) among the nodes; all are almost identically configured (apart from that dual-core and single-core issue). I just see these in the MasterLog:

3/8 17:56:03 ******************************************************
3/8 17:56:03 ** condor_master (CONDOR_MASTER) STARTING UP
3/8 17:56:03 ** /opt/condor-6.8.4/sbin/condor_master
3/8 17:56:03 ** $CondorVersion: 6.8.4 Feb  1 2007 $
3/8 17:56:03 ** $CondorPlatform: I386-LINUX_RH9 $
3/8 17:56:03 ** PID = 3216
3/8 17:56:03 ** Log last touched 3/8 17:56:02
3/8 17:56:03 ******************************************************
3/8 17:56:03 Using config source: /opt/condor/etc/condor_config
3/8 17:56:03 Using local config sources:
3/8 17:56:03    /home/condorr/condor_config.local
3/8 17:56:03 FileLock::obtain(1) failed - errno 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) 3/8 17:56:03 ERROR "Can't get lock on "/tmp/condor-lock.farm0420.21308906360446/InstanceLock"" at line 978 in file master.C
3/8 18:08:57 Got SIGTERM. Performing graceful shutdown.
3/8 18:08:57 SafeMsg: sending small msg failed. errno: 22
3/8 18:08:57 Send_Signal: ERROR sending signal 15 to pid 3181
3/8 18:08:57 ERROR: failed to send SIGTERM to pid 3181
3/8 18:08:57 The STARTD (pid 3181) exited with status 0
3/8 18:08:57 All daemons are gone.  Exiting.
3/8 18:08:57 **** condor_master (condor_MASTER) EXITING WITH STATUS 0
3/8 18:12:11 passwd_cache::cache_uid(): getpwnam("condor") failed: Success

3/8 18:12:11 passwd_cache::cache_uid(): getpwnam("condor") failed: Success

Any idea what might be the problem or what am I missing?

HEP, Cavendish Laboratory