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[Condor-users] windows environment questions


I am running condor on a small group of Windows XP machines, with a RHEL 4 central manager/submitter. The problem is that when jobs run on the windows machines, they don't load the system environment. So far the only thing I can do is set the variables I need in the submit file.

I looked into how the jobs are running, and they seem to run under the user IS\condor-reuse-vm1, a user created (I assume) by the condor msi. This user has no profile (there is no folder for it in Documents and Settings, nor does it show up in sysdm.cpl under user profiles). Furthermore, it is not a member of the group NT AUTHORITY\INTERACTIVE. Is it possible that this is causing it to load the incorrect environment? And if so, will adding condor-reuse-vm1 to this group cause any problems with condor?