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Re: [Condor-users] is there a condor version macro for config files?

On 5/2/07, Frazer, Durban A <DurbanFrazer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If we had different architectures we would use a nearly empty condor_config
file with something like:

$(ETC)/condor_config.$(ARCH).$(OPSYS), \

Totally off the top of my head but:

$(HOSTNAME) is available and I believe you would only need to add one
'side' of the split to the networked location (I think a missing file
generates a warning but not a termination but I could be wrong).
Obviously still needs per machine management whicle you are
transitioning albeit centrally.


use $ENV(environment_variable_name) and take the hit of supplying an
environment variable in the condor install process


use the execute external program option (only available in  6.8
onwards) which could easily scrape the contents of condor_version and
return a one line config of
Something as evil as the below would work
condor_version | egrep -o ".\..\.."

or *really* hacky

make use of some difference in the predefined macros between the versions


sadly no simple new ones were added though may may find you can make
use of the new random_integer macro between 6.8 and 6.9.

Just some ideas for temporary workarounds