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[Condor-users] Installing Condor in NAT Environment


I have few questions regarding installing condor in NAT (Network Address Translation) environment.

We have on head node (NAT) available to public and it is connected to a few nodes say 10 nodes in private network (IP address cannot available for public)


Do we need to install condor in the head node (NAT) and all the private network nodes or just only in the private network nodes?


If we install only on the private network nodes does those nodes are reachable by Condor central manager, because all the time condor central manager will see only one IP Address from the NAT node.


Does condor central manager will know about those 10 private network nodes?


If we want to open the firewall port range 9600-9620 for each private node, if we do this in the NAT node port forwarding, does condor will know about this?