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[Condor-users] Jobs held


I have a little problem submitting jobs in Vanilla universe. When I submit my jobs, everything works great since my jobs are held. The reason is that I have a permission denied when condor try to open my in,out,err and log file. I get the following message in my ShadowLog for every jobs I submitted :

5/11 17:26:25 Initializing a VANILLA shadow for job 92.0
5/11 17:26:25 (92.0) (21329): Request to run on <> was ACCEPTED
5/11 17:26:25 (92.0) (21329): Job 92.0 going into Hold state (code 7,13): Error from starter on vm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Failed to open '/home/sstute/gate32/gate_v3.1.1/benchmarks/benchmarkPET/.Gate/entier/entier1.err' as standard error: Permission denied (errno 13)
5/11 17:26:25 (92.0) (21329): **** condor_shadow (condor_SHADOW) EXITING WITH STATUS 112

Is anybody has already encountered this problem ??

Thanks in advance
Simon Stute