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Re: [Condor-users] what's the default password for the condor-reuse-vmX acct.?

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On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 01:03:20AM +0000, John Lopez wrote:
> I'm working with a Condor system running on WinXP Pro.  The job submits
> ok, and runs partially, but prematurely terminates (thus I don't get the
> expected results returned).  When I run the job locally/manually under
> my own log-in, it also works fine.
> So now I'm suspecting whether it's because the condor-reuse-vmX accts
> that Condor creates by default have enough privilege to run the job.
> Therefore I was attempting to actually login to my workstation under the
> "condor-reuse-vmX" acct, and see what happens when I run the job manually
> (mimic'ing what Condor would do after the job has been transferred to
> my computer).

One thing to check right away is does your job have all of the environment
variables it needs to run. This is a common source of problems. Try including
getenv = true

in your submit file. 

If that fails, consider running the job with 

in the condor_config file of the execute machine (NOT in the submit file!)
This will cause condor to use the current desktop to display the job.

You may need to run something slightly different than your job - maybe run
cmd.exe as your executable, so you can get a shell as the condor-reuse user
exactly as the condor job would see. 

See this post for more details:


> But the issue is I don't know what's the password for the
> "condor-reuse-vmX" acct., so I can't log in.  (BTW, I already manually
> re-enabled the condor-reuse-vmX acct. in Windows, so that's not the
> issue).  So, does anybody know what password Condor uses when it sets
> up the condor-reuse-vmX acct. by default?

It's randomly generated, and reset after every job. You probably won't have
much luck that route.