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[Condor-users] what's the default password for the condor-reuse-vmX acct.?

I'm working with a Condor system running on WinXP Pro.  The job submits ok, and runs partially, but prematurely terminates (thus I don't get the expected results returned).  When I run the job locally/manually under my own log-in, it also works fine.
So now I'm suspecting whether it's because the condor-reuse-vmX accts that Condor creates by default have enough privilege to run the job.  Therefore I was attempting to actually login to my workstation under the "condor-reuse-vmX" acct, and see what happens when I run the job manually (mimic'ing what Condor would do after the job has been transferred to my computer).
But the issue is I don't know what's the password for the "condor-reuse-vmX" acct., so I can't log in.  (BTW, I already manually re-enabled the condor-reuse-vmX acct. in Windows, so that's not the issue).  So, does anybody know what password Condor uses when it sets up the condor-reuse-vmX acct. by default?
Any help is appreciated!  Thanks!

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