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[Condor-users] not able to see all the processes

can someone help me out...
I have installed condor on redhat linux and when i execute the condor_master to make the demons run.....i am able to see only two running on the manager and none on the others machines in the pool....i have to two windows machines in the pool along with two linux machines
the processes that are started on the linux manager are
condor    7021  7020 12 13:08 ?        00:00:05 condor_startd -f
condor    7022  7020  0 13:08 ?        00:00:00 condor_schedd -f
no other processes started on the rest of the machines
the way i started the condor_master is by going to sbin i put ./condor_master.....is this right way to execute the condor_master afetr installation???