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[Condor-users] "ExeCaKeyF04" error

I have asked this question before but still I can get a correct solution. I am 
trying to install Condor 6.8.4 on an XP machine using the MSI and towards the 
end I get the following error:

CUSTOM ACTION "ExeCaKeyF04" FAILED (unexpected return code). LOCATION: 
C:\Condor\, COMMAND: "cmd.exe" /c condor_set_acls.exe “C:\Condor”

I thought it was a bug in 6.8.4 and so yesterday I tried 6.8.5 and I'm still 
getting the error. I'm now going to try an earlier version, since according to 
earlier posts they don't exhibit the same phenomenon. But I think the Condor 
developers might want to look into this. It has happened to other people 

If you have a solution, please share.