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[Condor-users] PERMISSION DENIED to unknown user


I'm having the problem in the Subject for one of my machine. This is my
setup: I have a cluster on a private subnet, a head node with 2 NIC and
an extra machine with 2 nics too (of course 1 nic is for the private
network the other got a public IP). I have condor installed on the head
and the nodes and everything seems fine. The extra machine is the
problem: it doesn't share the same setup as the other machines (for
example passwd etc ...), but it cross mounts the home directories, it got
the condor user, which is called globus (please don't rub it in, I didn't
choose it) and other 2 users which all have the same UID/GID as the

I have HOSTALLOW_WRITE|READ set to *, I got UID_DOMAIN set to cs-cluster
and I got FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN set to cluster and USE_NFS to TRUE. The extra
machine cannot talk to the collector on the head. There is no firewall on
the provate network and both the head and the extra machine are
instructed to use the private IP with NETWORK_INTERFACE. The CollectorLog
reports the error in the subject, and condor_status does not report

Help? What can I do to get this extra machine to be accepted in the
condor pool?


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