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[Condor-users] Condor6.8.5 lots of errors..

Hi, My central manager is Linux with condor 6.8.5, the execute hosts are all 
Windows XP with Condor6.8.1

The CollectorLog is continually filled with errors like these:

> 5/23 12:24:14 DaemonCore: PERMISSION DENIED to unknown user from host  
> <> for command 48 (QUERY_ANY_ADS) 
> 5/23 12:24:14 condor_write(): Socket closed when trying to write 282 bytes 
> to <>, fd is 11 
> 5/23 12:24:14 Buf::write(): condor_write() failed
> 5/23 12:24:14 SECMAN: Error sending response classad!
> 5/23 12:24:14 ERROR: DC_AUTHENTICATE unable to receive auth_info!
> 5/23 12:24:14 (Sending 957 ads in response to query)

condor_status should show that I have 1300+ execute machines, but only 221 are 
showing up .. but often condor_status simply fails:

> CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <>
> Error: Couldn't contact the condor_collector on vuwunicondgrd01.vuw.ac.nz.

All I can think of just now is to loosen the various permissions in the config 
file, restart and see if anything changes.

What is going on with all these DC_AUTHENTICATE messages?
and why does condor_status take so long to respond ?