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Re: [Condor-users] not able to see output in the output file

On Wed, May 23, 2007 at 12:14:36PM +0530, Partha sarathi wrote:
> somebody help me.........
> I am able to submit the job in vanilla universe. i used this submit file
> Universe = vanilla
> Executable = ./partha
> output = rao.out
> after i submit using condor_submit...........i see the "job as submitted to
> culster ...." and i see the output file created rao.out....but the problem
> is i am not able to see the output inside the file.

You should check (condor_q) whether your job has been negotiated to a machine,
and if not (condor_q -analyze), what might be the reasons for this.

> the executable gives me an output...a text basically "Hello" which i am not
> able to see in the output file........
> my question is that do we have do anything else than simply condor_submit to
> see the output in the output file (OR)

wait for the job to be sent to a machine (and check that this is indeed done)

> will this take some time to put the output in the output
> file................................ (OR)

no longer than a few minutes if there are idle machines that match your

> Am i missing something in the submit file

Is ./partha indeed "executable" (x bit set)?


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