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[Condor-users] Keyboard_idle is not being updated?!?!?

Hi All,

I've been playing around with my pool (several machines running on win
XP 64), and wanted to improve the system by specifing the exact
conditions for a job to start (it has been set to TRUE so far).
However, I am experiencing problems.
It seems that the Keyboard_Idle register just keeps counting up, and
never zeros, even when I touch the keyboard. The same is true for
Console_idle and mouse movement. I view the values by typing
"condor_status -direct <machine> -long")

The specific machine has one virtual machine with the following setting:

and default values for keyboard and console, i.e.:
are both commented out.

Things I already tried (without success):
1. removing the comment from
CONSOLE_DEVICES = mouse, console

2. giving exact values (i.e. 1) to

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Shay Ohayon,
Israel Institute of Technology (Technion)
Haifa 32000
Email: shay.ohayon@xxxxxxxxx