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Re: [Condor-users] 6.9.2 startup error

Is gadget.digicpictures.local the name of the host that this SchedLog was produced on? If so, then this sounds to me like the schedd trying to directly claim its "local" startd, because it hasn't successfully communicated with the negotiator for a long time. How long is controlled by SCHEDD_ASSUME_NEGOTIATOR_GONE, which defaults to 1200 seconds.


Horvátth Szabolcs wrote:

A little d_fulldebug log addition:

5/24 14:52:02 ============ End clean_shadow_recs =============
5/24 14:52:02 Will use UDP to update collector sv_ddc1.digicpictures.local <>
5/24 14:52:02 Trying to query collector <>
5/24 14:52:02 Can't find address for startd gadget.digicpictures.local
5/24 14:52:03 DaemonCore: in SendAliveToParent()
5/24 14:52:03 DaemonCore: attempting to connect to '<>'
5/24 14:52:07 DaemonCore: PERMISSION DENIED to unknown user from host <> for command 493 (NEGOTIATE_WITH_SIGATTRS)

I'm not sure I understand this line:
"Can't find address for startd gadget.digicpictures.local"
This machine is not running the stard daemon at all, its only a scheduler. Who and why would like to connect to it?


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