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[Condor-users] Owner of Condor job submitted from background

Hi there,

I have a problem using condor_submit from a background job (on Windows XP).


I installed Condor 6.8.4 (as a pool with no other machines at this time) on a Windows XP machine running in stand-alone mode.


I can submit batch jobs from the command line (using condor_submit), where jobs show up in the queue with my name as the Owner. 


But when I try to submit from a background  java app (via Runtime.getRuntime.exec(condor_submit_command,…) in my code), the job is submitted with Owner SYSTEM, which has no credentials so job fails to make the queue. 


Is there a way to set the credentials for SYSTEM?  Or is there a way to set the Owner of a condor job submitted from a background job?  (The condor_ID values were used for this under Liinux but seem to have disappeared for Windows).