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[Condor-users] how to get Condor to utilize ALL of my CPU threads?

I have some machines that have 4 CPU threads, and when I do a condor_status, I DO see vm1 thru vm4@machinename.  But when jobs are submitted, only the first 2 vm's (vm1 & vm2) gets claimed (vm3 & vm4 never gets claimed).  And if the local user interrupts, then vm1 is gone, so leaving only 1 thread for Condor on a 4 threads machine!  What a waste.
I'm running Condor 6.6.10 (installed using condor-6.6.10-winnt50-x86.exe).  When I check under admin tools - local users, I only see TWO condor-reuse-vmX accts (instead of 4, which I would think should be...), is that the reason it's not claiming vm3 & vm4?  Why there's no vm3 & vm4 accts.?  How do I make Condor to create them?
I believe I've tried one particular version of Condor in the past, (don't remember which exactly, perhaps it was condor-6.8.4-winnt50-x86.msi...  I *BELIEVE* with that version it did have all 4 threads recognized, but the issue w/ that one was when the local user interrupts, ALL FOUR threads would be suspended!  So I decided to stick with v6.6.10...
Any thoughts/recommendations on what I should do?

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