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Re: [Condor-users] How does Appistry's Application Fabric compare to C ondor?

My company also considered Appistry and asked one of our people to do 
a comparison. Their report said that they could find no functional 
difference between Condor and Appistry. From what they could tell, 
Appistry appeared to think that changing the word "grid" to "fabric" 
meant that they had an entirely new concept. Blurring the meaning of 
technical terms is a common marketing tactic in the attempt to make 
the product look like whatever you want.

As far as Condor being academically oriented: Condor is indeed 
designed, built, and managed by a University. However, one only has 
to look at the presentations given at Condor World to see that Condor 
is deeply installed in the commercial world, carrying out mission-
critical computing. So, Condor is not just for academic activities.

Another point to consider is the presentation by Red Hat. They are co-
locating their team with Condor's to smooth the integration of Condor 
with Linux. Linux is growing rapidly in the commercial and government 
worlds. Condor's large installed base and long (25 years) successful 
history makes it a perfect fit for the next standard Fedora and 
Enterprise distributions.