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Re: [Condor-users] problem regarding condor_status

did the same as it said....adding the hosts to the etc/hosts....................but still by jobs are runniong on the same machine where they are submitted.....anyother config that is to be modified ???

On 5/25/07, Erik Paulson <epaulson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 5/25/07, Partha sarathi <jinka.partha@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> thanks...now i am able to see the machines on which my jobs are
> executed...but the problem now is that...i thnk they are getting executed on
> the same machine...i had configured while insatlleing four machines in the
> pool....how i can i make the jobs to get processed on diff machines....I am
> not sure if i had done a mistake in configuring the pool....can any body
> help me on how can i make the entire pool work........
> the below stats shows that my jobs are processed on the same
> machine......also in the Schedd log i see the below warning frequently
> 59 (pid:12890) DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>
> 5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890) WARNING: Condor is running on the loopback address
> ( )
> 5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890)          of this machine, and is not visible to
> other hosts!
> 5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890)          This may be due to a misconfigured
> /etc/hosts file.
> 5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890)          Please make sure your hostname is not
> listed on the
> 5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890)          same line as localhost in /etc/hosts.
> 5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890) History file rotation is enabled.

Identifiying the warning message is a very good first step. A good
second step is to do what it suggests.

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