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Re: [Condor-users] problem regarding condor_status

On 5/25/07, Partha sarathi <jinka.partha@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
thanks...now i am able to see the machines on which my jobs are
executed...but the problem now is that...i thnk they are getting executed on
the same machine...i had configured while insatlleing four machines in the
pool....how i can i make the jobs to get processed on diff machines....I am
not sure if i had done a mistake in configuring the pool....can any body
help me on how can i make the entire pool work........

the below stats shows that my jobs are processed on the same
machine......also in the Schedd log i see the below warning frequently

59 (pid:12890) DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>
5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890) WARNING: Condor is running on the loopback address
( )
5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890)          of this machine, and is not visible to
other hosts!
5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890)          This may be due to a misconfigured
/etc/hosts file.
5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890)          Please make sure your hostname is not
listed on the
5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890)          same line as localhost in /etc/hosts.
5/23 09:55:59 (pid:12890) History file rotation is enabled.

Identifiying the warning message is a very good first step. A good
second step is to do what it suggests.