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Re: [Condor-users] USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP stops working after a while

> > Tony: good idea. This could be close to the problem. We 
> don't enable 
> > Windows Terminal Services on these machines. But we do keep them 
> > logged in as a domain user that's been given Administrator 
> access to 
> > the box and check on their GUI sessions with VNC. I'll see 
> if logging 
> > the machine out has any effect (although then there wouldn't be a 
> > visible desktop to use which might not work).
> VNC (and its clones and commercial ports) use a very similar 
> hooking mechanism as remote desktop to the extent that use on 
> one while the other is active tends to kill one or both of 
> them. I would treat your VNC client as the most likely candidate.

I'll test with VNC disabled and see if that solves the problem then.

Thanks Matt and Tony!

- Ian