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[Condor-users] Submitting Rank strategy

condor -version
$CondorVersion: 6.8.1 Sep 18 2006  $
$CondorPlatform: INTEL-WINNT50 $

We have a pool of about 15 dual-cpu Windows machines in our Condor pool.
The machines are comparable in speed.  Some machines are used 
during the day, some sit idle all the time.

I would like to set up a Rank to prefer:

1. Both CPUs on machines that sit idle.
2. Then use 1 CPU on machines that are used interactively.
3. Then use the 2nd CPU on machines that are used interactively.

I tried this, using 3 days inactive as a breakpoint, but it doesn't
It does prefer both cpus of inactive machines, but when it starts using
active machines it uses both CPUs.

Can someone advise how to achieve the Rank strategy outlined above?

# prefer unused machines but avoid using both CPUs of active machines
# this doesn't quite work
Rank = KeyboardIdle - ( (State=="Claimed")*3*24*60 + \
       ((vm1_Activity == "Busy") + (vm2_Activity == "Busy")) * \
        3*24*60 )

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