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Re: [Condor-users] condor_status............issues

> for condor_status -any, I don't see any output...

Could be any number of things. I'd start with:

1) Check your collector. It sounds like condor_status is finding your condor_config file on the machine because it usually complains if it can't, but the fact that -any isn't returning at least a list of central manager nodes is odd. Sounds like your request for information is being denied (or maybe not even reaching the collector). See if you can:
  i)  ...ping your collector from this machine?
  ii) ...run condor_status -any on the central collector machine to make sure it's collecting properly.

2) Check your firewall(s). If it's running a firewall turn it off temporarily. Did that help?

> and for condor_status -direct local host
> i get
> [condor@Perfcoelnx3 bin]$ ./condor_status -direct perfcoelnx3
> ./condor_status: Can't find address for startd perfcoelnx3

1) Check your process list. Make sure condor_startd is running on the machine:

   % ps -ef | grep condor_startd
   ttcbatch  2578  2569  0 May25 ?        00:03:38 condor_startd -f

2) Check to make sure DNS is resolving properly both ways. Do an nslookup of the hostname and then an nslookup of the IP address and make sure they're going to the same place. Check /etc/hosts and make sure the loopback line ( doesn't have the hostname on it.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Let us know if none of that helps.

- Ian