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Re: [Condor-users] CurrentTime = ?

True.  I didn't say that correctly.  What I meant to say was I needed to
set an expression like this . . .

PeriodicRelease     = (CurrentTime > 1180116476)

So I needed to figure out how the calculate the difference between the
execute time and epoch in seconds.  I figured out exactly how to do it
with lots of trial and error.

By the way, I didn't address when you said . . .

> The hardcoded expression above is strange, as it will always evaluate
> to True.

Which was a response to . . .

>> PeriodicRelease     =(CurrentTime > 0)
>> Hold                = True

in previous messages.

This was the output of calling the drmaa library to set the time.  I
didn't matter what time you gave it, it always output above.  Which as
you stated in your previous E-mail is always true.  After a look at the
source code for the drmaa library, I saw that this is hardcoded to
happen on windows.  My quest to work around this by calculating what the
number of seconds is what started this set of E-mails.  That's why I
wanted to know if there was a way to figure out what condor thought
CurrentTime is using condor_q or something.

Anyway, I figured out how the calculate it and gave up on using the
DRMAA library because of these types of issues.

Thanks for the help.

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Nothing explicitly sets CurrentTime in a job ad. When Condor needs to  
evaluate an expression containing CurrentTime, it calls the standard  
C function time() and uses the result as the value of CurrentTime.

  -- Jaime