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[Condor-users] Windows file share

I am a pretty new to Condor and intending to do ASR(Automatic Speech Recognition) with  Condor, which is both data and computing intensive job.

The working platform is MS Windows, and I am confused with the data sharing problem on windows.

I read about the Section $6.2 Microsoft Windows  of the manual. It mentioned many solutions about with data copying.

However ,it is hardly possible in our situation because the data in our system are really huge(about hundreds of MB bytes). So

I am very interested in this solution:

METHOD E: use the contrib module from the folks at Bristol University

I am wondering HOW can I get access to this module.

Or is there any better suggestion? For example, is there any way to access the data directly through a net-address such as \\\data???

Thanks very much.





ThinkIT Speech Lab.Institute of Acoustics,Chinese Academy of Science