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[Condor-users] windows: Is it better to run condor as user or use VM1_USER etc...


As the subject says, I'm wondering which is better: Using the config option VMx_USER, or running the service as whatever user I'd need. While it's certainly easiest for me to run condor as a particular user (mapped shares persist between jobs, no need for condor_store_cred, etc..), I can't seem to understand why the windows host stops showing up in condor_status. The service is still running on the machine, but after a while it disapears. If I start the service and then run a job everything will work fine. But after a long(-ish) period of inactivity I'll check condor_status and the machine is no longer reporting in. condor_master, condor_schedd, and condor_startd are all still in the process table too. The only line in the MasterLog that stands out (there isn't another line like this during runs of condor_master that run as system) is:
11/1 10:41:20 Child 1636 died, but not a daemon -- Ignored
Running condor as the system account I've never noticed this issue, however this opens another can of worms for me that I'd rather not mess with if I don't have to.

Has anyone had a similar experience with this?