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[Condor-users] upgrading schedd OS with non empty queue


I wonder about this:
I have setup a really fast working netboot based os installation service based on FAI package. It takes about 20 minutes initially, incl. all the partitioning and formatting.

So, given some mess after the upgrade it could long upto an hour.

I have a schedd I want to upgrade the OS on
but I am ... afraid to do this with a remaining and existing queue.

The queue is running, and each job can run SEVERAL hours.
jobs are in vanilla universe.

So, killing all the queue would not be fun.
much more fun would be as follows:

  * condor_hold -a
  * properly backup /var/condor
  * upgrade the OS
  * restore /var/condor
  * condor_release -a

Would this work ?
Have there been any testing of this ?

Thanks in advance for the responses.