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Re: [Condor-users] windows: Is it better to run condor as user oruseVM1_USER etc...

> This is a really great idea! The only thing preventing me from
> trying this is that our windows machines are graphics workstations
> and VMWare (AFAIK) doesn't yet support graphics acceleration to
> the degree needed by computer animators. 
> I'd really love to hear how this works out whenever you get a
> change to start testing it.

It's been possible to do this for a  while but you took a big hit in
performance virtualizing. With hardware virtualization support we're
seeing the performance penalties for our work flows reduced to almost
nothing. It's now all a cost issue (i.e. VMWare is very, very expensive
to use to do this. As expensive as buying servers.). Of course, we're
not doing anything with graphics and it sounds like you're work flows
aren't going to be able to translate to VMs.

If I can get it all sussed out by April maybe I can get a talk in at
Condor Week '07.

- Ian

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