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[Condor-users] Timing group of tasks


Is there any easy way of timing jobs and groups of tasks in condor? I
have a group (10, 100, 1000+ tasks) of individual tasks that are
between 2-20 seconds long. They run the same code but with different
input. I am trying to figure out if I can calculate this group of
tasks faster on a small condor grid (<=10 nodes) than serially on one
computer. The scheduling overhead becomes quite big compared to the
actual computation time if I submit each task as one job, so I'm
testing different task grouping things like DAGMan, Queue XXX and
multi-task bash script as executable to see if anything helps. I can
get the first submit and last finish time from log files, but it is
cumbersome to read them. So is there any easier and/or precise way to
get e.g. walltime for a job in seconds or minutes?

- Atle