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Re: [Condor-users] Renderfarm -- Suggestion


Hello Deniel


Sorry for Late reply, as I was working on my own mini-Grid, and waiting to get some results.


At this stage I can render blender movies with one queue per frame. I got the results and is working fine.


Although, I am unable to render 3Ds max movies on my system, I tried to submit the job with GDI | Queue and by developing a .sub script file but still the job is always idle in queue. I have installed 3ds max  and windows OS on all machines, Do you think I am missing some thing ?


Further, 3Ds Max provide back burner solution to render the animations on network systems which saves the cost of aditional liscences, but the problem is it requires dedicated machines. And by putting the condor in between these two we may solve both issues .. Any comments and ideas ... ?



Best Wishes, Zeeshan  


Postgraduate Student,
University Of Sussex,
United Kingdom.

> Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 12:55:04 +0200
> Subject: Re: [Condor-users] Renderfarm -- Suggestionþ
> From: daniel@xxxxxxxxxx
> To: condor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
> CC: m.z.patoli@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hello, we have a renderfarm service based on Condor.
> We use it to render 3DS Max and Lightwave and we don't use Condor_render.
> The way we do this is very easy: we have the 3DS Max installed in our
> dedicated and non-dedicated machines and then we can render a scene by
> command line.
> In case of Lightwave, there are 9 or 10 .dll's that are necessary to
> render and we have them in the machines. We transfer the .exe and the .cfg
> files and, just like in 3DS, we can render by command line.
> In the submit file we specify the transfer_input_files(textures, objects,
> etc.), the initial and final frames, etc. For example: if we have to
> render a 300 frames scene, in the .sub file we make 300 Queues, one per
> each frame, and at the end we have the 300 frames in our submitter
> machine. Then our clients do their post-production work.
> We have our central manage in an Unix System, concretely in a Ubuntu.
> Obviously you have to install Windows on the executor machines as
> Lightwave and 3DS only work under this OS.
> I hope this will solve some of your doubts.
> --
> Daniel Tardón (daniel@xxxxxxxxxx)
> Director del Grupo Grid de Cediant
> >
> > Hello, I have few (arround 10 dedicated) machines and few non-dedicated
> > machines for rendarfarm, to render 3ds Max and Maya animations. I have
> > planned to work using condor pool with SF_Render and Condor_render. Has
> > any one better idea than this? Also do I need to install windows OS on all
> > machines even on dedicated machines? What about OS on centeral manager ? I
> > have found SF_Render and Condor_render as windows versions only. Thanks in
> > Advance --------Regards, Muhammad Zeeshan Patoli, Postgraduate Student,
> > University Of Sussex, United Kingdom.Cell: 00447824510623Home:
> > 00441273241520Office: 00441273872556
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