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Re: [Condor-users] How to set environment variables for jobs

I don't see anything wrong with the syntax you are using. In Condor 6.9.4, this certainly works, and it should work in the 6.8 series as well.

If the job is going on hold, what is the hold reason? You can see the full reason in the output from 'condor_q -long <jobid>'.


Atle Rudshaug wrote:


I would like to have the process number for a job available at the
conpute node so I can name output files generated by scripts on the
node. Since all generated files are sent back to the submitter I need
the files to get unique names. I tried to set an environment variable
in the submit script but the jobs get halted.

environment = PROCESS_NO=$(PROCESS)

How can I get the process/cluster id at the compute node?

- Atle
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