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[Condor-users] Delay jobs and failure to create a cluster

Dear all,

I have two problems which are being unbearable.

I have a central manager 6.8.5 Condor version and it run a schedd too to send jobs to my pool.

This central manager works fine, but when I send a job it delays 30 mimutes to run as minimum.
I think it may be because of screensaver is running in 30 minutes.

How could I modified my pool to execute jobs when they enter in the queue?

Another question is when I try to send a job from another machine which is running another schedd.
I have a error message because it cann't create a cluster.

Failure to create a cluster.

In the SCHEDDLOG seems as if the user can not write in some directory or file. I revised all my installation and I can not find where is the problem.

Please, could you help me?

Thank you very much.


Carlos Moreno Losada
correo-e: cmoreno8@xxxxxxxxx
jabber user: cmoreno8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Linux user: #263092