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Re: [Condor-users] run condor view on the central manager ?

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> Smith, Ian wrote:
> > Quick question - is it possible to run a condor view server on
> > the same host as the central manager. I know the manual says
> > that it should be on a different host but why the restriction ?
> > Could the condor view collector listen on a different port to
> > the manager collector and the manager be configured to send it's
> > pool info to it.
> You could indeed run both services on the same host (different ports)
> w/o a problem.
> If you have a relatively small pool (couple dozen machines), you could
> even have the same collector process serve as both the collector and the
> condor view collector.  The reason the manual discourages this is it is
> possible for the collector to miss (drop) updates while it is serving
> condor view requests, esp if you have a larger pool.

Thanks for the speedy response on this.

We have around 300 execute hosts so I guess we definitely need a second
collector process. I can see taht I can put this on a different port using
COLLECTOR_HOST but how do I point the central manager at it ? Will
CONDOR_VIEW_HOST take a port number ?

The reason behind this is that I've moved the central manager to an SMP
so I'm trying to do some server consolidation. Users can infact submit
small numbers of jobs through the central manager but "power" users must
use a separate submit host. If I move this to the central manager would there
be any performance benefit in running a second schedd for these users. How
would I make sure that jobs went to the correct schedd ?