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Re: [Condor-users] enforcing job memory limits?

Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:

this gives a starting point, the problem is SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE
(at least in the examples) uses a fixed value.  Will this macro have
access to say  $$MEMORY when evaluated?

The expression I provided uses the ImageSize attribute. The starter daemons on the workers updates that classad on a periodic basis to the collector, so the remove expression as evaluated will be reasonably up-to-date.

still looking at the condor_guard setup, this may be what I want.  I
do have administrative control (to an extent) of all machines, but
putting the control at the execute host seems like the right thing.

Depends on your cluster. Here we have a few (2-4) schedds that can submit to a big (3.4k batch slot) cluster, so there's much less to maintain by handling it at the schedd for us.

- B

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