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[Condor-users] disruptive preempting

Title: disruptive preempting


I have a question regarding the preemption behaviour of Condor. I am runniing a condor (version 6.8.5) Pool of 15 windows XP PCs. Most of the time the pool is used by only one user, so he gets a very high user priority. When now a second user (with user priority 0.5) submits jobs, all jobs of the first user are preempted. So far so good. Now, for some time, only user two gets resources, so that the user priorities converge. But instead of giving user one gradually more and more resources and the same amount of resources for both users when the user priorities become equal, user two still gets all resources until some more time psses by, and then the game starts the other way round. This means that knoe the jobs of user two are preempted.

Can anybody tell me what I have to do that the allocation of resources does not happen so disruptive?

Many thanks in advance!


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