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Re: [Condor-users] Condor SOAP API GRID Authentication Question

The attributes you need to set in the job ad for an X509 credential are X509UserProxy and X509UserProxySubject. The first is the path to your proxy file. The second is the identity DN of the proxy.

 -- Jaime

On Nov 26, 2007, at 4:26 PM, Matthew Farrellee wrote:

Many "Job Ad" attributes are undocumented. The best way to find them is to submit a job and look at what condor_submit created. I think there is an upcoming feature in the devel series to tell condor_submit to just dump a job ad to a file instead of sending it to a Schedd.

Sorry there isn't more I can do.



daobgong wrote:
Thank you, Matt. Is there any documentation on the special attributes
(proxy related)? I could not find so far. appreciate if you could
recommend a link or something.
Unless I'm mistaken. Condor can transfer proxy certificates for use just
like any other input to your job. There are a few special attributes
you'll need to add to your job, but you can use a regular submission,
i.e. with condor_submit, as a guide.



daobgong wrote:

 I am trying to access grid resources (managed by Condor as a
through Condor SOAP API.
Since we need to provide certificate credentials in order to use Grid
resources (particularly Globus GT4), is it possible to provide our
certificate credentials to condor through the SOAP API to accomplish

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