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Re: [Condor-users] Condor development release 6.9.5 now available

Matt Hope wrote:
Worth knowing about. If I had (say) a dedicated windows multi cpu
submit machine with fast (Gigabit) network to a few hundred execute
nodes which could all activate at once can I push the default higher
than 10 and if so what number would you suggest :)

There should be no problem in Condor handling larger values for MAX_CONCURRENT_UPLOADS or _DOWNLOADS. However, in many cases, I doubt you will get higher throughput than when you use a lower level of concurrency. Depends on how many disk heads the files are sitting on. It would be nice if Condor kept track of the underlying resource utilization, but we thought adding these two transfer queues would at least be a good improvement over the previous solution, which was to blindly limit the rate at which jobs start up.

I hope it helps!