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Re: [Condor-users] Hetergeneous dagman submit woes submit on windows & process on linux

On Mon, 1 Oct 2007, John Wheez wrote:

I'm trying to submit dagman jobs from windows machines and have the jobs be processed on linux machines. I can do this with condor_submit. I'm having trouble getting condor_submit_dag to work in this manner though. I use UNC paths which mimic the linux paths. I've applied a special windows registry edit to allow UNC paths to be used within the windows shell as well.

You're saying that if you just do a condor_submit on one of your node job
submit files it works, right?

Have you been able to do the above? Any special notes or tips?

Hmm, I've never actually tried this.  I can't think of any fundamental
reason it shouldn't be possible to make it work, though.

One thing to remember about this is that the condor_dagman process itself
will run on the machine on which you run condor_subumit_dag, in this
case the Windows machine.

You could try manually editing the .condor.sub file and changing the
Unix slashes to Windows slashes in all of the arguments.  I kind of doubt
that this is the problem, though.

I notice condor_submit_dag automatically translates
the windows slashes ("\") in to unix slashes ("/"). Since the job is submitted from windows would the unix slashes confuse the
windows condor_submit_dag?

At least most of the time on Windows, it seems to be okay to use the
forward slashes, but as I noted above it might be worth editing the
.condor.sub file to use backslashes.

Could you please send the following?:
- The entire dagman.out file.
- The submit file for one of the node jobs that failed.
- The user log file for that node job.


Kent Wenger
Condor Team