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Re: [Condor-users] Using shell script to invoke executable in standard universe


> Again, thank you for the reply.
> Now if someone could answer this question, I would again be grateful:
> What is the purpose the the call to 'scp' in the shell script? I don't
> think I understand everything that is going on when a standard universe
> job runs. Why is it needed when the executable is called from a shell
> script and not needed when the executable is called directly? Or is there
> something else in the class ad that accomplishes what 'scp' accomplishes
> in the script?

In the Standard Universe the executable is the only file automatically
transferred from the submitting node to the execute machine.  If you
are specifying a shell script as your executable then you need to find
some other way to transfer the actual binary.  I usually copy from an
AFS share that I know is mounted on all of our execute machines.  The
use of scp is just one other alternative.  Anonymous FTP or HTTP would
also work.  You could also use one of the techniques where the binary
is encoded as text within the shell script so all you need to do is
have the shell script decode it.

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