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Re: [Condor-users] Setting Condor Job Owner in Windows

Hi Diane:


How are you invoking the java program? I’m not at Java expert, but if you are invoking the java application directly (using your user account—the one that works for submitting jobs) then it probably means that the execution method you are using runs the executable using the system account, rather than your own. 




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I am running Condor 6.8.3 under windows NT.  When I submit a condor.submit file from the command line via:

                Condor_submit condor.submit

the job owner is ‘me’ and the job runs fine.


When I submit the same condor.submit file from a java application:

        String[] condorCommand = { “condor_submit”, "condor.submit"} ;

        process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec( condorCommand, null,  workingDir);

the job is started as owner ‘system’ and I get error:


ERROR: No credential stored for SYSTEM@NT AUTHORITY


      Correct this by running:

      condor_store_cred add


However, I can’t run condor_store_cred add for SYSTEM since I don’t know SYSTEM password.


How do I get the job to be started as owner ‘me’ instead?




Diane Harding