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Re: [Condor-users] Standard universe support

Le Wednesday 3 October 2007 18:41, Bill Strossman a écrit:
> On Wed, 3 Oct 2007, Leandro Doctors wrote:
> > I plan to try Condor on computers with a SATA disk.
> >
> > Unfortunately, only "new" distros that can detect this kind of disks
> > (Debian "Etch", RHEL 5, etc.).
> >
> > Unfortunately, I have not seen any condor binary for them with Standard
> > universe support. Is this for any special reason? Is there any plan to
> > support these distros in a near future?
> I have been using SATA disks since RHEL3.  Is it a case of the kernel not
> detecting your SATA controller?
Yes, it's a kernel driver problem.
I tried to install Debian "Sarge" (Linux 2.6.8), but it failed to recognize my 
disc. "Etch", on the other side (Linux 2.6.18), installs itself just fine.