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Re: [Condor-users] Assertion error in Quill

On Fri, 5 Oct 2007, Erik Paulson wrote:
No, that's not accurate, the documentation on the web is much improved now.
There is certainly still work to be done, but every required parameter is
now listed in the manual. It was glaringly bad up until last week.

OK--I stand corrected... I did check before I sent the e-mail but perhaps
the old version was cached in my browser.

May I make the following coments--

on step #6 it is easy to use the wrong postgres syntax
to create the database and *think* it is owned by quillwriter
but in fact it was not.  It would help if the correct syntax
was just put there in the docs.

$ createdb --username=quillwriter quillcm -W

createlang plpgsql quillcm

I believe that the two psql loads of the *.sql files must also be
done as quillwriter user--at least that was the way it worked
for me after two previous failures and dropping the database.

Also note that there are still some bugs with how the condor_history
daemon interacts with quill--I have reported these in a condor-support
ticket.  In particular if you try to do condor_history -name quill@hostname
from some other host than hostname, it won't work.

Steve Timm

The overview that Stuart sent (and, by induction, was given to Stuart) was
unfortunately also outdated. The version that is current is:

The overview for at least 6.9.4 should be considered canonical.

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