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[Condor-users] Negotiator can't connect to Collector


I'm setting up a condor pool at the lab. Right now I have one machine doing MASTER/COLLECTOR/SHEDULLER and two EXECUTE machines.

I've have explicity given the NETWORK_INTERFACE flag in condor_config.local in all machines.

In the EXECUTE nodes I have set up explicitly the COLLECTOR_HOST = flag to the MASTER ip;

Reading the Collector log in the MASTER machine the ads for the two machines appear published. The Negotiator log on the master machine says that he can't connect to the Collector and so the test jobs I submited just hang in qeue. Can someone give a hand? There is no iptables rules defined in the Master machine and it seems that the EXECUTE nodes can communicate with the Collector...

 all the best,

 Ricardo Reis

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 Computational Fluid Dynamics, High Performance Computing, Turbulence


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