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[Condor-users] condor_compile problems


I have a couple of questions. If I have a binary that needs some
libraries to run, must I link the libraries with condor_compile as
well or is that only neccessary for the binary?

Now I am having problems linking the libraries with condor_compile. I
run: 'condor_compile make' and get an error saying:

/usr/bin/ld.real: libYggUtil.so: No such file: No such file or directory

where libYggUtil.so is the file I want out. If I just run 'make' I get
the file and if I then try condor_compile make I get the following

make: `libYggUtil.so' is up to date.
ERROR: Internal ld was not invoked!
ERROR: Executable may not be linked properly for Condor!
ERROR: For users of Condor on Linux, we highly recommend
ERROR: using the default compiler that came with the
ERROR: distribution. Usually placing /usr/bin first in
ERROR: your path will remedy this error.
ERROR: To learn more about this error, visit this web page:
ERROR: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/faq.html
ERROR: and read the FAQ entry about this problem for your
ERROR: revision of Condor.

Then I tried to just compile the binary with condor_compile, but it
cant find the libYggUtil.so file even though I put it in every lib
folder i find. It works with 'make' and I get my binary, but not
'condor_compile make' I get:

/usr/bin/ld.real: cannot find -lYggUtil

Anyone else have similar problems?