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Re: [Condor-users] running jobs as the original user on a specific machine

Hi chaps,

Anyone knows the correct way to achieve that, I described below?
Any help would be very much appreciated.


Santanu Das wrote:

I'm trying to setup a test system where only specific users' jobs are allowed to run and in addition, another requirement is to run jobs as their real users.

In the local config file On the submit hosts, I have this: /*UID_DOMAIN = $(FULL_HOSTNAME) */which is actually, say xyz.mydomain.ac.uk
On the execute nodes, I have added these to the local configuration file:

*UID_DOMAIN            = xyz.mydomain.ac.uk
VM1_USER              = condor_user1
VM2_USER              = condor_user2
ALLOWED_USER          = ( (RemoteUser == "user1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx") || \
                          (RemoteUser == "user2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx") )
KEYBOARD_UNUSED       = (KeyboardIdle > $(StartIdleTime))
START                 = $(ALLOWED_USER) && $(KEYBOARD_UNUSED)

WM1_USER and VM2_USER are probably not required here but I thing doing no real harm (this is from the previous configuration when job used to run as condor_user1 etc.). Apart from that, am I missing anything? Cause jobs from the specific users are not running on that particular node.

Can anyone out here please tell me what to do to get it working.

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